As an authorized distributor of the reconstructive products of Smith & Nephew KK, we make a deal with mainly the public hospitals in the Tohoku region in orthopedic implants.
Our services consist mainly of sales and dealerships.


We will research the hospitals, understand their needs and propose the best implants for their orthopedic surgery.
In addition, focusing on the products of Smith & Nephew KK, we provide prompt information and products while always catching overseas trends.


By deepening a sense of responsibility and medical knowledge as a person involved in medical practice, our business is to be a professional business.


We manufacture and import some Class I medical devices, such as retractors made of duralumin or stainless, meniscus forceps and collateral retractor.
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S1-Ortho Division
AquaMed Japan, Inc.
2-12, Teppoumachi-Naka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 983-0868 JAPAN